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Going for my first grail or psuedo grail. I just know I've been wanting this one as much as my Cave Dweller. So selling off a couple to get it. Help a fellow Watchfreek out :)

I've sold a handful of watches on WUS and most recently to our own RB-86 so buy with confidence :)

First up ismy VSA Dive Master 500 Blue Dial on bracelet. Comes with box papers & Links.

Bracelet has been sized to my 7" wrist but comes with all links. The bracelet is flawless and I can't find any marks whatsoever. I had the bracelet sized but I couldn't find the right fit so I took the bracelet off and wore it on a rubber strap almost exclusively the whole time.

The only flaws I can find on the watch head are at the lugs, when I made the strap change.The smudges made by the spring bars are
somewhat visible in the pic down below. Other than that, I can't find any other marks. As RB-86 can attest to, I'm easy on all my watches. I hate any blemishes of any kind. This VSA DM 500 is no different.

Asking (Reduced) $220 USD OBRO (changed my mind, I'll eat Paypal fees)

CONUS ONLY. Shipping Included.USPS w/ Delivery Confirmation.

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