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This is a Hamilton Khaki, 42mm in diameter. It is used but in excellent condition. I installed a Seiko bracelet on it and it feels very comfortable to me. I have also the original 22mm leather strap that is used but in wearable condition. The crystal is a domed sapphire and it is very nice and clean. Hamilton box and manual are included.

I was trying to make this more of a pilot watch and I had a set of the Timefactors Speedbird III original hands so these were also installed and fit perfectly in my opinion. The lume matches well too and I like the overall resulting look at lot more. The watch is very low profile and almost a sport/dress type.

Everything works perfectly and the few times it was worn it kept good time. I did not check to the seconds though since I only wear my watches for a short while on rotation.

Offering it for sale at $375 including shipping and paypal fees. As I mentioned I could use this for a trade toward a Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Red. Value wise for the trade it is worth to me between $350 to $400. I could trade for another model but the Vintage Red would be my first choice. If you like the watch and have something else you would like to offer, contact me. Best would be a cheaper watch plus cash coming my way.

Here are a few pics:

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