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I'm a bit of a freek when it comes having boxes for my watches.

Have an early 80's vintage Seiko that I acquired without a box so the search was on. Found three 80's vintage Seiko watch boxes (NOS) that were going for a song - all identical, unused & therefore in excellent condition - 2 boxes are surplus to requirements.

They are made of hard and durable plastic type material, lined with a royal blue velvety valour and include the inserts which should accommodate a watch with a strap width of up to 22mm (see pics). Box measures 9.5 x 8 x 5.5cm.

Given that I paid so little for them, I am happy to give them away individually to whoever may require one - only proviso is that the taker pays the postage from SA.

Interested? PM me and we can sort out the detail.

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