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Up for sale is a very custom quad stitched seafoam color genuine cane toad strap made by Jeremy at Prime Straps.

Price is $80 USD shipped and Paypalled to your CONUS door. Int’l shipping at cost.

It is approx. 4.4mm - 5.5mm thick, 22 X 22 wide, 135 X 80 long. Hide is highly figured and extremely soft and comfy to wear, edgecoat done in a custom green and white with white leather details. 2 keepers, one white and one green, both floating.

Strap is in nearly new condition. No visible signs of wear. No buckle included.

Prometheus Piranha is not part of the deal but illustrates how good the strap looks with a white, gray, black, or generally neutral dial.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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