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Sinn 836

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Pre-Owned - purchased from a Japanese dealer.

Specs: Sinn 836 Tegimented on Bracelet

This will be replacing the other watch (Sinn 556) I've paid for ...
but the seller hasn't shipped it nor refunded my money.
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Follow up to the followups - today I received (for the FIRST TIME) a FedEx bill stating that I had an overdue bill, dated from last November; apparently there was an import fee of $57.50 for this Sinn 836. I guess that means I'll be eating at Hardees tonight (coupon in hand).

Paid with a quick phone call.
Hey Hardee鈥檚 is great though. 馃榾馃弳

Seriously though, I always wondered about those import fees, but
believe it other not haven鈥檛 actually had to pay them as of yet. That
seems like a hefty amount, wow ! 馃槻

Honestly am so sorry about all of the crazy stuff you have had to
deal with with incoming watches as of late Wrascal.
I believe we're all aware that items imported MAY be subject to duties/ fees - but this is the first time I've paid one.

Because I've never paid one I had no idea how it was collected; I assumed at handoff I'd simultaneously get a Gov't Bill. When I didn't get a bill I thought perhaps it applied only to items with a higher selling price. I find it strange that had I not paid it FedEx could have been stuck with it.

FYI, this watch sold at $1995, with sales tax and FREE shipping it totalled $2155; so this $58 fee wasn't too punishing. What is punishing is I prefer my 42mm $432 Hammy Khaki more (it keeps better time).
41 - 42 of 42 Posts