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I'll second what Sir Lawyer Aidroos said Sir Wrascal. 馃槈(y)

Let's hope everything works out with the other watch, and then it's on
to just focusing on this incoming Sinn. 馃槑Which I have to say is one
terrific tegimented head turner ! And really, you have to wonder if the
556 not showing up was a blessing in disguise somehow. ..Because
the 836 has a lot the characteristics of the 556, but is just a bit larger
it seems. And I bet you got it for a nice deal as well !

So at the end of the day there is a silver lining to what's been going
on with the other Sinn sir. ..It's lead you to this beauty ! Wishing you
a SPECTACULAR Sinn congrats ahead of time !!!

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It's kind of like their left hand doesn't know what their right hand
is doing, or already did Wrascal. 馃槷馃槃In essence you are just a
number, and they really don't know what your situation was, or is.
It's pretty crazy to hear about, but still not necessarily surprising unfortunately right?! 馃槓

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You make a phenomenal point on the lack of human interaction sir. (y)
I kind of forgot about the fact that there often is no one to go to, or
talk to with a lot of things. It鈥檚 similar to how you always used to have
to go on hold on the phone. Or still do, and have to say 鈥渟peak to a
representative鈥 in order to talk to someone. 馃槍

The rise of the machines, or robots has been happening for a while
when you think about it right?! 馃 But here鈥檚 hoping this next Sinn
gets to you just fine ! 馃榾

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The waiting is actually such a fun, as well as big part of this hobby
when you think about it sir. 馃槈 So let鈥檚 all enjoy the anticipation of
this incoming beauty. 馃榾馃槑 ..Am thinking it will be well worth the
wait Wrascal !

Thank you so very much for the updates !!!

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馃槃 It鈥檚 funny how things work out at times isn鈥檛 it Wrascal?! (y)(y)

You were all set to see the watch on Wednesday, but the then the
Watch Gods pulled a fast one on you I guess. And It really looks like
it all worked out for the best because this new 836 looks Sinnfully
good sir. 馃槈 I mean the design is right up your alley I think, and
should enjoy keeping your wrist company. ..As well as really get
along with your new Hamilton and Boldrs of course. It鈥檚 a timeless
look imho, not to mention a step up in quality right?!

From what I鈥檝e heard about Sinn, this should be another winner
Wrascal. ..I hope that it is, and that you wear the heck out of it !
An EXCEPTIONAL 836 congratulations here to you on this one !!!

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Man oh man, we know the StrapSmith鈥檚 straps are great, but the
buckles are awesome too ! 馃槻馃榾 That airplane will be so neat in
person Wrascal. Because it will compliment the strap, but also
add even more personality to a strap that already has a ton of
personality. 馃槑 ..It is going to honestly be too much fun when
this one arrives.

A ULTRA cool congrats ahead of time here !!!

By the way, that is too funny how you noticed that with the watch
links like that sir. You really have a terrific eye and you know, maybe
you could, or should be a watch doctor. 馃槈

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That Sinn sounds impressive inside and out Wrascal ! 馃榾馃榾

Top notch movement, design, and even bracelet, and finish evidently. 馃槑
I mean that is really interesting with the way the water beaded up, or
rather rolled off like that. Maybe they did wax, or winterize it for you. 鈽
Very very cool, not to mention great timing too right?! 鉂

Want to thank you for the report !!!

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馃槈(y) All of the cool strap, along with bracelet possibilities kind of end
of filling that role as you know sir. 馃槃 ..But Seriously, I think it鈥檚 terrific
that you are delving further into Sinn like this. The U50T sounds like it
might be right up your alley. As well as spoil you a little more on just
how cool watches, as well as this hobby in general can be. 馃槈

Enjoy the search, or hunt Wrascal !

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That IS great news Wrascal ! :D:cool:

I'm so happy things worked out in the end. (y)But you know, for the first time
I find myself not being as sure about things. As it feels like a lot of is it all? Of
these companies seem to be actually run by machines, computers, robots
and such. 馃馃懢Seriously, imagine if you could have talked to a real actual
person when all of this began? 馃槷If that had been the case, perhaps things
would have been remedied right away right?!

Instead you go through all of these crazy motions and wait. And then wait,
and hope that things work out. ..It's like the plane is flying, but noone is
actually flying the plane with som many things nowadays.

Well at least this experience ended somewhat happily. ..I want to thank
you for keeping us updated on all of it, and say CONGRATULATIONS !!!馃榾

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馃巺 Looking forward to it Wrascal ! (y)(y)

This time of the year honestly is just THE best when you think
about it. And for a lot of reasons. ..Thanks a lot for adding to
it sir !!! It鈥檚 going to be great seeing, or hearing what you think
when the strap arrives.

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Well I think you wanted something as non cookie cutter and unique as
possible sir. ..Mixed with top notch design, and quality, and you got it. 馃槑
I mean you can always put your average every day straps on the watch
if you like too. However, I think going after, and having one of these extra
cool straps is wonderful sir ! 馃槈馃弳Because by itself it is a real piece of
art work imho, as well as another phenomenal branch of our hobby to
tell the truth. So I like that aspect alone, but then to add it to a watch
and add even more layers of personality is THE best I think. 馃榾

Oh, and as to the red on the keeper showing, I think that was meant to
be. ..It plays off of the other stitching, as well as designs that are already
within the strap. ..It looks terrific from here Wrascal ! So I'm sending you
a KING sized congratulations !!! 馃ご

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Man, that is so cool, or rather those are so cool Wrascal !! 馃馃

Just the idea to have buckles like this is extraordinary imho. Plus the extra
personality they can add to a watch is remarkable. ..I mean they seriously
add a ton of horsepower to the watches. Whether it's a subued understated
watch, or a watch that already has a real attitude, these straps really do
seem to supercharge things big time. 馃槑

Hey, and the footprint being the same is fascinating too. 馃槈It was like an
honest to goodness optical illusion right?! ..THX so much for taking the
time to update us on things like this all of the time sir !!!

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Follow up to the followups - today I received (for the FIRST TIME) a FedEx bill stating that I had an overdue bill, dated from last November; apparently there was an import fee of $57.50 for this Sinn 836. I guess that means I'll be eating at Hardees tonight (coupon in hand).

Paid with a quick phone call.
Hey Hardee鈥檚 is great though. 馃榾馃弳

Seriously though, I always wondered about those import fees, but
believe it other not haven鈥檛 actually had to pay them as of yet. That
seems like a hefty amount, wow ! 馃槻

Honestly am so sorry about all of the crazy stuff you have had to
deal with with incoming watches as of late Wrascal.
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