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Show off you Ink (Tattoo)! With a watch whenever possible!

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So, I made a comment to watchdaddy1 about starting a tattoo thread in an attempt to see his work. Well, here it is! Here is my more significant work. Sorry for the poor quality, I'm too darned lazy to work harder :p

The Samoan tattoo artist Petelo Suluape himself doing my leg tatau:
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Does this count :p

That's perfect! :smile-thumb2::smileyface_hand_cla
Don't have tattoos of my own to share, but some years ago a guy I knew who was an enthusiast showed me the on-line portfolio of a guy named Anil Gupta. His dream was to get on Gupta's waiting list, and I can see why.

It's just amazing the depth and texture that tattoo artists can pull off on what must be a very tricky canvas to work with.

I've always wondered: what does a tattoo artist do if/when he/she makes a mistake? They MUST make mistakes, and they can't just erase that stray line and do it over again.

Anyway, here are a few pics from Gupta's portfolio:

The artists that can do realism really are incredible! With advancements in ink over the past 15 years or so, they've really been able to create some amazing pieces of art!
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I have way more but do not have the photos on hand. This was my latest, a reworked tribal I had.

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:smileyface_hand_cla Nice work!

I have couple more, but just posted the significant one's myself.

I want to get the other arm done, full sleeve. I have the idea/design I want, just need the $$!
watchdaddy1 still has not come through... *insert shaking head here*
How about some cool Tattoos of watches and movements?

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Would a tattooed watch count?

Maori and Polynesian inspired... :smile-thumb2: approved!
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