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Show off you Ink (Tattoo)! With a watch whenever possible!

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So, I made a comment to watchdaddy1 about starting a tattoo thread in an attempt to see his work. Well, here it is! Here is my more significant work. Sorry for the poor quality, I'm too darned lazy to work harder :p

The Samoan tattoo artist Petelo Suluape himself doing my leg tatau:
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Interesting thread this, some great tattoo work as well. Those timepiece tattoos are awesome.

I have symmetrical tattoos down both arms and I always wonder if it limits what kind of watch I would wear.

Too smart doesn't quite work on me I don't think. That said my TAG Link is very smart and I like the contrast. I've just ordered a very smart Seiko 5 so will see how that looks when it arrives.
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