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Well the Shogun arrived today from Amazon, opened it up and it was bubble wrapped like it was going to Mars!

1st Impressions; not as light weight as previous Citizen Super Titanium watches I had, but those had lighter weight eco-drive movements.

The fit and finish is what I expected from a watch costing just under $1K. Bezel and dial were not misaligned like some have claimed, and are aligned perfectly. Dial is crisp and clean and easy to read, lume is very good.
The bracelet actually fit my 8” wrist, but that was after I pushed it out ot the last hole on the micro-adjustments. Watch now wears loose enough where my baby finger can be put between the bracelet and wrist with no problem.

Even though the bracelet is sized right, “Houston, We have a Problem!”. The bracelet actually feels like it is grabbing my wrist, and it feels like it is stuck to my skin? My Super Titanium’s
and all of my Stainless Steel watches never have felt like this.

The overall look of the watch is “meh, OK?”, looks like just another Sub homage, albeit lacks the Mercedes hands and Cyclops which is perfectly fine with me.

6R15 Movement, well I haven’t had it more then a couple of hours so I don’t know what the accuracy is, but it hand winds as smooth as my Soprod A10 or a 2892-2a, so that’s a plus over a stock Sellita SW200 or a ETA 2824-2.

Jury is out on whether I will keep this watch or send it back to Amazon, couple of more days with it should tell the tale.
Sized right, (note the pen between the bracelet and wrist) but doesn’t feel comfortable??

If it goes back my next pick will be this Citizen Signature "Courageous" perpetual date Eco-Drive, a real nice grab and go and costs about $400 less.


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Thanks for the first impressions review and I'm sorry you're having some fitting issues. Sounds like there's no reason to keep it if you put it in the "meh, OK" category. I always wanted this piece but you helped me cross off that out of my wish list. It really looks great. Nothing spectacular, just perfect, from here.

That's a nice plan B there with the Tag homage from Citizen.

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Update, after 24 hrs. it is running +4 seconds, which is great out of the box.

Bracelet still feels just a tad too tight, and is noticeably uncomfortable when your wrist swells up during the day.

As usual the titanium bracelet feels very flimsy (even though it is not) and the clasp even more so.

Even though I have owned a couple of Titanium watches before, it is still hard for you to wrap your mind around the lack of heft, and not equate it to being cheap feeling.

I felt the same way about my Rolex 16610 and the cheesy clasp it has and the light weight of the hollow links. Had to wear it a lot to appreciate the lack of weight, although when you rotate a lot though your collection, that appreciation may be harder to attain.

I put the Shogun under the loupe and everything is perfect, no flaws, dust on the dial, nor misalignment of the chapter ring or applied markers.

The bezel is 120 clicks and turns fairly easily, yet locks into place, solid at every tick. It also aligns perfectly with the dial. The bezel insert is a flat matte black with just a hint of a shine to it, so it doesn't look cheap.

Crown and he crown guards are well done, and the crown is signed with the Seiko S.

Takes about 5 turns to unscrew the crown till it pops out, after that the hand winding is effortless, and it turns as easy as my Soprod A10 or a ETA 2892-a2, which is a real pleasure over the 2824-2 or SW200, which hand crank like you are turning a grist mill.

Watch has a 50 hour power reserve which takes it well above the 38 hour 2824 or SW200.

All in all the watch appears to be a homage to the Rolex Sub, albeit at a more modern case size 42mm.

I love the hands which are much more legible then the Rolex Mercedes hands, the date window, sans Cyclops is also a winner. although a white on black scheme would have made it even better.

Now the ultimate question, is it a keeper?

Right now, I don't know, I'm staring to like it more and more, yet the bracelet issue if it can't be rectified will cancel it's ticket.

Not sure if I want or need another Sub Homage, although I think the case and dial on this watch look much better then my 16610.

If I can get an extra link from japan at a reasonable price, it might be a keeper, if so I will also invest a couple of extra bucks, $44 to be exact and throw a double domed sapphire crystal, with inside AR, on it.

The lack of a sapphire crystal at this price point, $900 is troubling.

I will know in a couple of days, one way or another.

Comparison of dials between Rolex 16610 and the Seiko Shogun, Shogun has clean looking dial with only 4 lines and 4 words, the Rolex reads like it is the Magna Carta.


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Looks great! If Seiko can't sell you an extra link, maybe someone with a Shogun will sell you a spare link they don't need. Just a thought.

I know that a lot of WIS folks like to keep all their original links, boxes, tags etc, but still a possibility.

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Congrats! Watch is made for a Nato in my opinion, especially during summer, which is how I've been wearing mine. Accuracy wise I still don't see the big deal with with this 6R15 movement. I've got four 7S26 movements that are spot on compared to this one. Still love the comfort of the watch though so mines a keeper. May have felt different if I'd paid the Amazon price though.


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Sorry about those disappointments you're having with the watch Chazman. Even though it looks great from here, it's hard to tell in pictures some times. ..I hope you can keep it, and end up enjoying it in any case. Seems like a watch that is near invincible, but is ultra cool, and easy on the eyes too !!! :eek: :eek: :) Congratulations to you there !

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Well I woke up this morning and it had went from +4 seconds a day, to -7.

Also the Japanese dealer told me the extra link would cost $20 (not bad) but it would be perhaps a month before the could get it.

Thank God for Amazon Prime, three clicks and a pre paid UPS return label was printed up, and this baby is going BYE BYE!

Nice looking watch, too bad, it really wasn't worth just short of $1K

Now for that Citizen Signature Eco-Drive!
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