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I have been working on this document for a little while now, and need some help updating and completing it. I have scoured the internet and watch forums to make a comprehensive list of all the Seiko Shrouded Divers that have been released since the first one in 1975, till now (to include limited edition and regional models). It is by no means complete, and that is why I need your help.

If you have any info on Seiko Tuna divers that is not on this list, please post what you know below and I will update it. I am NOT including all the shrouded watches Seiko makes (yet). Models like the Fieldmaster, or the more recent SRP shrouded divers, have been left off for now though I do plan on including them once I feel I have gotten the classic Tunas nailed down.

Big thing right now that I need is to fill in some of the blanks I have here, including more specific dates and case numbers, or original model numbers.

I have cross-posted this reference to three different forums for feedback and input and will keep all updated with the latest information.

Models highlighted in red are Limited Editions.


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I hope our members can be of help but are you on Facebook ? If so, I'd ask on Seiko Fans group or many other Seiko groups available.

Nope, don't do Facebook.

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What's the point?

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The point? The point is to centralize all the model info for a very popular professional dive watch that has been on the market for 40 years now.

I have yet to see a comprehensive list of all the Seiko Tuna models listed in one place anywhere, let alone with the amount of data I've collected.

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Have you ever thought about making this into a Google Document, linking it hear, and then just posting when it is updated?
I've thought about that. I've also been trying to keep a record of all my sources so I might add it as a Wikipedia article (though most of the "sources" aren't legitimate enough for Wikipedia's requirements).

Its current iteration (on my computer at least, I need to update this one today), is almost finished.

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Probably get myself into more trouble but what the heck.......

There are some links to great resources at the bottom of the above page but I do not have the time to get the direct links and parse the HTML in them via the source of the page.

1.Illias Giannopoulos, The history of the Seiko Tuna, the Deep Sea Fish, Article 2015
2.Michael Stockton, Seiko 6159-7010 Grandfather Tuna, Article 2014
3.Seiko, A Journey in Time – A Remarkable History of Seiko, pdf
4.wikipedia, Helium release valve, 2016
5.thewatchbloke, Seiko 6159-7010 ‘Tuna can’, Article 2015
6.Robert-Jan Broer, #TBT Seiko 6159-7010 Tuna, Article 2016
7.seikoholics user Ninja01, Seiko – 6159 [Professional 600M], Forum post 2010
8.watchuseek user casiophile, Large Vintage Watches? , Forum post 2010
9.rolexforums user fmc000, The Seiko Gold Tuna: a brief history and a review., Forum post 2013
10.Raphael Too, Seiko Superior Limited Edition Dive Watch SRP 453 Baby Tuna Review, Blog post 2014
11.rakuten, Seiko Superio SRP453K1 Limited Edition 200M Diver’s Automatic Watch, Online retailer
12.Li Wang, Buying a (Seiko) Tuna, Article 2015
13.Seiko, The History of Seiko Diver’s Watches
14.Quaztzimondo Admin, Seiko SBDX005 Professional 600m review, Blog post 2010
15.watchuseek Zoodles95, Collector’s Guide To All The Seiko’s Shrouded (“Tuna”) Divers… , Forum post 2009
16.Seiko, Manual for Cal. 7C46, 7N36, 7N85, V736
17.Seiko, Seiko 6159B Parts list
18.Seiko, Parts Catalogue/Technical Guide for Cal. 7C43A
19.thewatchsite user UncleSeiko, FS: SEIKO Automatic Titanium Diver 6159-7019 Minty–$2200–SOLD, Forum post 2015
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