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Seiko SKX009 Vs Orient Kamasu

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Probably a head to head that is overdue. A long time classic Vs a short time classic. Most watch enthusiasts either own an SKX or have owned an SKX. I would be surprised if there are many that are not familiar with the Kamasu, even if they don't own one. First the dimensions.
SKX - Case 42.3mm, depth 13.2mm, lug width 22mm, lug to lug 46mm, weight 155 grams
KAMASU - 41.1mm, depth 13mm, lug width 22mm, lug to lug 46.7mm, weight 153 grams

As you can see, other than 1mm on the case, it's a very similar sized watch. It's fair to say that the Orient does indeed look smaller on the wrist.

BRAND PERCEPTION - Both are very well known Japanese watch producers , although Seiko is by far the bigger name. In the UK Orient are not a high street name, and Joe Public has little knowledge of them. Seiko have earned a good reputation, although their pricing policy of late probably isn't doing them a lot of good. I can't help feeling they are attempting to move up market, and leave the budget end to their sister company, Orient. Of course, that's just my opinion.
Seiko - 9
Orient - 7

CASE & FINISH - Both watches are well finished. The Orient is almost solely polished, but has some light brushing on the top of the case. The screw down case back has their logo neatly etched on it. Seiko are renowned for their case shape and finishing, and the SKX is no different. The case is all polished, and it's curves are a thing of spender. The case back has an embossed logo, and is also screwed down.
Seiko - 9
Orient - 8

DIAL & LUME - I love the printed classic dial of the Seiko, and the lume is legendary. The Orient has a sunburst dial and applied indices. Whilst very different to the Seiko, the Orient is equally attractive. The lume falls a little short of the Seiko, but isn't to far away. I suspect they may both use lumabrite.
Seiko 8
Orient - 7

CRYSTAL - The Seiko has the traditional Hardlex crystal. It's disputable whether or not it is actually any better than mineral crystal, but it's certainly a long way short of the Orient's sapphire. I see no evidence of AR coating on either watch.
Seiko - 7
Orient - 9

BEZEL - Both line up well, both have a decent resistance without back play, both have a horrible spongy feel.
Seiko - 6
Orient - 6

MOVEMENT & CROWN - Seiko has it's old work horse movement, the 7S26. Non hand winding, non hacking, but reliable. On arrival mine was 35 seconds a day fast, which meant I had to regulate it. By taking the back off I broke the terms and conditions of the ISO rating. The Orient has it's own in house movement, the F6922. It hacks, hand winds, and I didn't have to regulate it, as it runs about +5 spd. Both movements run at 21600 sph. The crown on the Seiko engages well, and is quite easy to use. It is placed at the 4 position, where in opinion a divers style watch should have the crown. The crown on the Orient is a little smaller and harder to grab, albeit is quite usable
Seiko - 6
Orient - 8

WATER RESISTANT - Both are 200m rated, the Seiko originally had an ISO rating, the Orient hasn't.
Seiko - 9
Orient - 8

BRACELET & CLASP - I have upgraded both bracelets. The new ones have screwed links, solid end links, and a milled clasp. Similar in appearance, but sooooo much better. I shall therefore judge the watches on their original bracelets. The Seiko had a comfortable jubilee that was incredibly floppy. The end links were hollow, and the cheap clasp was milled. It was truly appalling. The Orients oyster style bracelet was somewhat better, and also quite comfortable. However, the jingly hollow end links and pressed clasp were poor.
Seiko - 4
Orient - 5

VALUE FOR MONEY - A little difficult because the Seiko is no longer produced. The last retail price for the Seiko was about £300, whilst the Orient can be purchased at present for about £200. The Orient also has a better spec. However, the residual value of the Seiko is excellent. I predict SKX watches in good condition will rise in value. For this reason I can't separate them
Seiko - 8
Orient - 8

THE WOW FACTOR - Both are incredibly attractive, albeit in different ways. The sunburst dial of the Orient is an eye catcher, but it needs daylight to show this off. The classic dial of the Seiko, along with it's Pepsi bezel is just wonderful
Seiko - 9
Orient - 8

Another tightly contested head to head with the Orient achieving 74/100, against the Seiko's 72/100. So which one would I keep if I could only have one. I prefer the way the Orient wears on my wrist, and no doubt the spec is better. The Seiko on the other hand is like wearing a piece of horological history, and is an iconic watch. The answer is, I prefer to wear the Orient, but prefer to own the Seiko. Sorry for sitting on the fence.

Thanks for spending the time to read this review , and I hope to add a video within a few days.

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That's a great review MW and I enjoyed reading it. I own an SKX009 but have never owned an Orient. Thanks for sharing with us.
Video now added
Great video MW.
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