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Well, this took longer than I thought. I posted back in late April about these arriving, and the SBDC055 came quickly, but, of the two Seiko 5's, one (the orange dial version) showed up with a defect in the bezel, plus, no plastic protection on one half of the bracelet, which was quite scratched.

I had opted to not pay extra for the JDM versions of the Seiko 5's, because supposedly no difference in the non-JDM ones, so, go figure, one of them was flawed, haha. Just the way of things. It was a Jomashop buy, and, as usual, they were awesome about it, and made a direct exchange, no problem. The replacement arrived in flawless condition.

Also waited on some NATO's arriving, and then life has just been overloaded, but, finally, here is the trio.


This all sprang from my recent re-discovery of sorts with Seiko, thanks to being so pleased with the SBDC061 (also have some NATO's for it!), and it's still getting a ton of wrist time....

000.jpg I wanted to try another one in that price range, and I think the blue 051 is a one-of-a-kind look, with the fade from blue to black, and even a blue bezel ring. Probably my best blue dial piece, really gorgeous and even pics do not do it full justice. As a JDM model, was able to get it on the bracelet, and I was very pleased with that.




It has the same bracelet as the 061, a real beauty. Plus the Dia Shield protection, the same 6R15 movement, and similarly sized as well. Sapphire crystal. 200m WR, and the PADI designation, so, a quality build, for sure. And the usual superlative lume, in this case with both blue and green hues.




The Seiko 5's, I was honestly curious to see what the lower priced Seikos are like, and the two color options fill nice gaps in my collection, especially fired up on complimentary NATO straps.

I'm suitably impressed with them. The 4R36 is the same basic movement (except adding the "day" feature, which I really like) as so many of my NH35 powered non-Seiko models I own, most of which are Invictas.

Here's the 5's, a green bezel with black dial, and the orange dial edition. Both are themed after 1970's releases, and I'm very happy with them!




Only weak point, really, are the less than stellar bracelets, but for $150 bucks, I'm not complaining. Plus, they have the Hardlex, and of course trusty Seiko lume. And, as I say, I'm into a NATO craze at the moment, so not paying much attention to bracelets anyway!




Interestingly, my Grand Divers from Invicta are actually cased up better in some ways, opting for solid end links instead of hollow, overall much superior bracelets, 300m WR instead of 100, screw down crown, a bit more decorative in general, and, half the price (can pick up a Grand Diver for as low as $70) but, of course, it's thanks to Seiko that they run so well, because it's Seiko's engine in there. And, they only have mineral glass, and the lume is all but non-existent.

It did remind me, however, that Invicta does put out a very good product at their crazy low prices and it's always curious to see what different brands focus on, in terms of where they excel or fall short.

I know Seiko has lower entry price points, in quartz, but these Seiko 5 autos are really terrific and of course the difference with Seiko is the huge range in the brand, whereas Invicta is limited to what it does, of course.

I'd have no problem picking up other Seikos in the same range as these, or even trying out some of the $300 to $400 models.

And, with the 055 being as stunningly wonderful as the 061, for sure I'm again pleased with this more medium priced range, in the $800 neighborhood. I think it's a lot of watch for the money, not spec for spec, necessarily, but in the overall end product that feels to be a special acquisition.


Waiting on my Breitling now, and then will likely stop acquiring for this year, other than a microbrand project already paid for, that arrives in July.

Or, that's what I tell myself, at least....

As we all know, there is always one more....

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Yes always one more you got that right. Nice rotation of Seiko's you have too BTW.

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Looking good Timemoves. :cool:..Incredible really ! :clapping-hands-abov

Seeing just one of these would be so much fun, but to have all three
in hand has to be phenomenal, and love how you can compare all of
them like this. ..Even to the Invictas you have had, and that Breitling
that's on the way !

They seriously look like they are all on a high level, but it's so neat
hearing your review, and getting an even better picture of these
beauties. Thanks so so much ! ..Big congrats there, and hope you
keep enjoying all of these !!!

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Isn't hard to see why you are blissful!!!
Wear n enjoy fellow WF.
I like watches just like other Freeks.
But love acoustic guitars better.

Lou Snutt
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