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Dear all,

I was just browsing Grand Seiko's and thinking how nice it would be if I could afford one, and I stumbled across the Seiko Presage SARD009. Quick link here:

I've had a good Google around and searched the forum but I can't see any real reviews or hands on experiences at all.

Is anyone familiar with this watch, or the movement (6R24 31J Automatic (with Hand winding and Hack function))?

What do you guys think of how it looks? Does it float your boat?

I know the SARB065 'Cocktail Time' gets a lot of love (quite rightly), but I was looking for something a little different.

Curious to hear what everyone thinks.


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I like it. It does look like a GS. I would prefer it if the sub dials were smaller or non existent.
The more I stare at those sub dials the more I like them. It is something different thats for sure. For the price it feels good to. I may be changing my previous statement now.
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You and me both :)

I've only ordered from Seiya once before, and from what I can remember the delivery was really quick up until the last 100 miles where UK customs sat on it for a week.

I think the stock strap must be very short as the website states max wrist size of 7.25" which I thought was odd, so I've gone ahead and ordered a nice alligator strap from Hirsch ready for when it arrives.

I think there must be something wrong with me ..... I love that little buzz you get when you order something and are waiting for it to arrive :)
I have the same problem bro. When I order stuff I love for it to arrive. Makes checking the tracking information 8 times a day fun.
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