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Now, to some degree your opinion may be decided based on where you live. I live in the UK, and prices are considerably higher than the US. I own two Seikos, and love them both. I have also owned a fair few in the past. My SKX 009 looks great on the wrist, and it is a keeper. However, there are times when I look at what I get for the money and question, do they now offer the value they once did. Brands such as Heimdallr or Phobois are beautifully made watches with a higher spec, including a Seiko NH35 movement. I look at my Heimdallr Sharkey Turtle and it's quite superb. Sapphire crystal, 316L case, 200m WR, C3 lume, and an infinitely better bracelet. Not only is this watch technically better than the Seiko, it's half the price. On top of all this, either company offer a far better customer service, and will reply to you as if you are actually a human being.

Of course, if the name is important to you, and if you believe heritage actually means anything, buy the Seiko. Your thoughts ?

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I guess the answer is yes, and no Mrs. Wiggles. As compared to a lot of
the crazy prices of watches, and how 'they' are seemingly always rising
upwards. Seiko's prices seem to be still giving you a good deal. But at
the same time, I'm not sure if they are giving you the same value they
once did. Like you are saying, there are many smaller brands like Heimdallr
that seem to be taking up the mantle of what Seiko used to do. With the
number of companies offering value seemingly popping up more, and
more all the time.

The one amazing thing about Seiko though, is that they do have so many
different collections, and I know the Seiko 5, and Recraft lines alone give
you some overall great value. With even their moderate, and higher end
collections evidently taking on he very expensive watches from the other
brands out there.

It's a really fantastic question honestly MW ! 馃檪

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Hey Wiggles,

I see your point and well as Tom's.
Some Seiko pieces, and to be fair, some other competing brands I have looked at, make me think "whoa" ! That much for THAT?
IMHO, Seiko's value proposition is somewhat lacking for some of their pricing.
Additionally, to what Tom alluded to, there is an incredible array of micros out there
with value, extremely unique and eye catching appeal. Granted, many are running Seiko and Miyota engines,
but many have excellent bracelets, Sapphire glass and other appealing uniqueness.

I guess in summation, I'll always be a Seiko fan, (yes, their Lume is awesome), but I need bang for the buck and different designs.

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