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I have been given a 5m43 0e90 from my father, he said he had changed the capacitor recently been changed. I have worn the watch for 2 days from stopped, Day one I did a lot off driving and today I have done a huge pile of ironing. The watch is still jumping every 2 seconds. I haven't shaken it on purpose but I can get it to 5 seconds if I do, I have previously tried. What is wrong?
Could it be me?
The capacitor?
Or the movement?

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Andy, actually do not think there is anything wrong with the watch. (y)
When it's jumping those two seconds like that, I 'think' it just means
that it's not charged all the way yet. 馃檪

I know with the one I have it does the same thing. And it actually takes
quite a bit of movement to get it charged up all the way. Or ticking at
just the one second at a time. But it doesn't sound like there is really
anything wrong with the watch. It just needs to be worn, and moved
around more Andy. 馃槈

By the way, found this link below for you with more. Which talks about
a few things. Including getting a winder if the watch isn't being worn
that much.


How to Start a Seiko Kinetic

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Yeah, those kinetics come with about a 6 month power reserve typically, but I didn't wear mine for a few months and it lost a little bit of that reserve, so I keep it on a watch winder and it's a happy puppy.

When their power reserve is below a certain point, the second hand will skip like that (quartz watches do the same thing when their battery is getting low). If the skipping second hand is bothering you, you might want to have it professionally serviced. If it doesn't bother you it is functioning as it should.
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