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Hello Watchfreeks members,
Im working on CAD-Software and trying to make correct gears from watch movement.

Today i would like to ask everyone's opinion about measuring and getting correct dimensions of gears/pinions/arbors and whole measurements of each wheel.

Anyone has any suggestions or any easier ways to get those correct diameters of making complete gear in CAD-Software?
I'm personally using micrometers and trying copying just by looking actual gear or photo.

Goal is make 3D complete gears and make them touch tangentially, for complete gear train movement in CAD-Software.

I hope someone has any thoughts and that would help for someone else too.

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Hi Liudas !

Wow, honestly have no idea unfortunately. But it sounds amazing what
you are trying to do. 馃槸 馃槷 Actually sounds extremely logical the way
that you are doing it so far. However, couldn't even imagine attempting
to give you any advice. You sound like you know what you are doing
already actually. But there has to be someone here who can help you
out, or at least I hope so. 馃檪

We are fortunate enough to have a few members who may know the
answer to your question. I know that Alessandro (watchfreek6970) is
actually building his own watch right now. Maybe he has some actual
knowledge on this, and will see this post, and have a suggestion, or
two. (y)

Keep us posted, and good luck to you !
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