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I have a mens Ebel Type E Chronometer/Chronograph (Model 9137C5) which originally came with a rubber strap. Ebel/Movado is no longer manufacturing this rubber sports strap and the usual vendors who I've used when replacing the OEM part before no longer have any in stock.

This particular band has a crescent shaped form where it meets the bezel so the watch and the band are flush. Additionally, instead of a typical pin/loop spring mount, the band mounts via screws below the watch body into threaded barrels that are molded into the strap itself. See attached image.

I'm looking to see if anybody has a line on third party manufacturers that support this mount style and matching flush shape, or alternately an actual original replacement strap.

I can get a replacement OEM stainless bracelet for it, but it's around $600 and not the look I'm going for.

I don't have many options at the moment, and would hate to condemn this watch which is a nice COSC movement just because I can't find a way to fasten it to my wrist.

Many thanks in advance --


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