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San Martin SN026G Vs Phoibos Nebula

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Have to agree with Gary here Wiggles, that the music does make
the review even more fun. I love it ! :)(y)Yet another epic review !
Thank you so very much !!!

By the way Gary, that idea with using the captioning is terrific. ;)
I never actually have used that, except by mistake when muting
sound unintentionally. But I may start doing it on purpose just to
have a little extra fun sir.

Speaking of fun, this head to head was incredibly fun Wiggles !!
All I can say is it was impressive how you were actually able to
find a winner in many of the categories. Because both of these
watches seem so well thought out, as well as refined it's just
about impossible for me to choose a clear cut winner.

As you said they are both quirky too which I love about watches.
I think you really hit the nail on the head when you said both these
watches are the best both brands have made so far. They both
genuinely do seem jaw droppingly close in design, and quality.

Boy oh boy, what a contest sir ! o_O
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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