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Been awhile since I've been here (my decision)….any was gifted a Samsung
46 for Christmas. It's fine...but I still love my regular watches. I have a
hard time seeing the need for a smartwatch...when my phone does everything the smartwatch does...thoughts? Yes, there's also a guilt factor for not wearing my regular watches enough. Although I wear my regular watches 4 out 7 times a week.

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Hi Notux ! :smile1: Really is phenomenal to see you !!! :clapping-hands-abov

I hope everything is going great on your end, and that
everyone is doing well. :thumb:

Wow, what a terrific topic actually. Thanks for posting !

You know some times I feel like I feel one way, and then
the next, I feel another way about smartwatches. :eek2:

On the one hand smartwatches are amazing, and like you
said do everything our phones can. So it's kind of like they
are the next logical step in watches right?!

Imagine how people must have looked at wrist watches
years ago when they saw them for the first time. Can
imagine a lot of people said, well we already have clocks,
and can find, and look at a clock somewhere. :)

However, then on the other hand, smartwatches almost
seem like a trend, or something that is in, and cool right
now, and that's it. With the only thing being watch-like
about them being that they go on the wrist.

Like you are saying, it's like they are a phone for the
wrist. So they keep you from using your smartphone
as much, but then regular watches too ! :faint2: :anim_63:

So it's somewhere between, a love it, or hate it kind
of thing. But either way, have to say not to stress
out about it, and enjoy the ride. Wherever it takes you.
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