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hi all... glad to be a part of this community. i have a reasonable collection made up of 5 crotons, 2 jacques lemans, a triumph, 2 32degrees, 14 invictas,5 androids, 3 swiss legends, a partridge in a pair tree, 12 renatos,2 magicos (boy would i like to get more of that brand... just a couple more, but ...more), and aT C M logo watch, cause me loves da classic movies. THERE WERE MORE, BUTWERE SOLD, OR GIVEN AS GIFTS. also, from12/15 years back, a black faced, silver bezel/dial markers,round, wenger/blk strap. and a, well, square tonneau (?) ala renato jackal...blk faced, lumi color markers/semi gunmetal case/frame, wenger/brown strap. both in older, smallmm size ... look like kids watch now! sorry, because i love them both. also, sentimental reasons. i have both of my 2grandfathers' watches.... pocket... one gold(my mothers dad), one platinum finished(my dad's dad). gold wasHIS father's (presented to him by the union at standard brands in peekskill n.y.) and the plat. one was an engagement gift from HIS future wife to HIM.... also in peekskill, n.y. I AM/WAS OLDEST OF FOUR GRANCHILDREN, SO I WAS LUCKY TO INHERIT BOTH INTO MY CARE. okay, so that's me for now... except to saythat... am bigshawn, tim,skelton,eyal/jill,d. mink, larry m., wing, a. nizimov, lior, shopnbc, fan. best, russell gambino


1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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