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A watch that I think you either are with or against, partly because your either a date or no date kind of person. Which are you?
Myself, I enjoy knowing the date along with the time on my wrist and that is just something I of course do not get from the 114060 or the new 124060 that I am talking about today. Although it is difficult because the additions they made for this newer Submariner model touch my horological heart a lot more than the previous models, both the 116610 and 114060. The larger case saze (41mm) has my heart throbbing and with that the slight taper of the bracelet. I continued to read this article Rolex Submariner 124060: A Complete Guide To The New No Date Sub | Bob's which showed me that the lugs are also smaller, while maintaining it classic large case look. One thing that I am guilty of always overlooking is the movement, as I trust that they're flawless but it eases my nerves to hear that Rolex produced and upgraded their movement for this model. I began to learn about the smaller aspects that the new model brought along such as new "Swiss Made" which is a huge change for Rolex although as a consumer it is a very small change. I am also a sucker for lume, I always utilize my watches at night time, maybe even more than daylight, but I think the in house lume that Rolex first introduced in 2008 is a great feature to keep consistent through the years, but makes me wonder... Will Rolex release another form of lume in the upcoming years? Overall I enjoy the small yet huge changes that Rolex made for this new Submariner. What are your thoughts, do you prefer a date function or what are your thoughts on the slight changes they introduced for the 124060.

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Oliver, have to thank you for the excellent review, along with all
of your insight !!! (y)(y)馃榾Because to be completely honest, I
don't think I was aware of all of the changes that Rolex made to
the watch. However, just the movement being upgraded would
be a terrific upgrade if you ask me. ..So doing all of the other
things, and paying attention to those details sounds wonderful.
PLUS you like the changes, so that's the most important detail
of all. 馃槈

It sounds like the new changes are well thought out from what
you are saying, and do nothing, but make the watch better, and
that is great. ..Oh, and a date, or no date is great too ! 馃槉To be
honest, I never liked one more, or less. They both rock !!

P.S. Actually have to believe Rolex is always working on improving
things, so would say they are definitely working on new improved
lume for you sir. They probably have all different kinds they are
testing out right now.

Thanks so much once again !
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