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I want one of these so bad! I called my local Rolex Dealer and the lady I spoke to said they don't have any but they were getting them "later this year".She said she didn't know which colors they were getting. She promised to email or call me when she has more info. Think she will or was she just blowing me off? Of course I can't really afford one but I can dream can't I?


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These are neat Truetone ! 馃榾 馃槑 I mean I guess they aren鈥檛
something we are used to seeing from them really. Seriously,
just having dial colors like this is interesting, and gives the
watches a special feel, and unique quality.

They almost give you that personality of what a modded,
or customized watch would actually. (y) ..Very nice !

Well, even if they don鈥檛 email you back True, at least you
still have the knowledge of knowing about them. Along with
this cool video ! Thanks a lot for posting sir !!!

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I鈥檓 trying to talk my wife into getting a pink dial variant .
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