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Rolex Data...

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While assembling my modest collection of Wilsdorfs finest, I accumulated a lot of data (bookmarks, spreadsheets etc).

I have no intention of adding to my collection any time soon and hence no real reason to keep any of this interesting data around... yet I'm loathed to consign it all to the recycle bin and purge it all from the bowels of my hard disk.

So instead I stuck it all in a database and set it free into the Internet from where it came. I hope it might be useful to other collectors and enthusiasts.

I invite you to search for your watch and if inclined, send me any corrections or data to fill any of the numerous gaps.

Please welcome, The Unofficial Rolex Number Wizard at


Note: I did send the Mods a msg asking if it was ok to post this website here. Never heard back, so decided to take a gamble and post and hope I don't get banned or blocked.
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I have simply no interest in Rolex at all, but damn, you did such a nice job with some of this data I almost wish that I did!!!
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