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If thinking of an Invicta watch always check the actual price on Amazon or from other sellers in addition to the Invicta web site. I was just looking at a Invicta chronograph diver on Amazon, model # 18906 with a VD57 quartz movement. Not shown as on sale or any other special promotion in effect. The Amazon price was $76.66 for a 1/10 second to 1 hour chronograph with a claimed rated to 300 meters water resistance on a steel bracelet. Huge at a claimed 52mm diameter case and 26mm wide bracelet. I went to the Invicta factory web site to download the manual and noted two things. First the MSRP listed there is $795.00 or more than 10x the Amazon price, which to me is ridiculous. Second is that the watch face illustrated lists the water resistance as 200 meters rather than the text claimed 300 meters as listed on both web sites.

The same huge discounts from MSRP appear to be common on the ShopHQ cable TV channel that Invicta regularly has shows on. Hard to tell some times as the ShopHQ model numbers bear no resemblance to the Invicta factory model numbers and they frequently feature some over styled and to me exceedingly ugly models that I would not touch with a 10 foot pole. Diamond or crystal encrusted men's watches are definitely not my thing nor are some of the finish colors offered on the T show.

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It’s such great advice Astro. (y)(y) ..And with any watch brand to
tell the truth. Or anything in general. 🙂 As so many times a brand
seems to always want to make things sound as if they are amazing,
or worth much much more than the watch. Or item actually costs,
and especially costs to make. 😉 It’s actually fascinating to see
how often it’s done when you think about it.

It could be a watch, sneakers, or clothes, many types of jewelry,
even electronics, and everything else out there. Most every time
someone buys something they are getting a raw deal. It’s just that
they have become accustomed to it, and paying whatever brands
are asking for. It’s all really intriguing Astronut.

Oh, and as to discrepancies in water resistance, or various specs,
I can’t say whether those are just honest mistakes, or not. But I
know this was a fantastic topic ! ..So thanks so so much !!!
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