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I grew up and went to school when the personal computer was just starting to enter into everyday life. 128kb RAM, basic word processing, spreadsheets and FlightSimulator1 were the hight of consumer computing; it was still the age of paper, pencil and ink. So it comes to no surprise that I cherish the ever diminishing activity of flipping physical pages and taking in the information and emotions contained within at my own pace. ( I do find myself often doing the 2 finger swipe on the pages of books and magazines in order to zoom in...).

Anyway, I was just gifted a new book, and would like to share it with you all. It's a really cool book with each page dedicated to a different watch enthusiast and one of his/her special time gages with the stories behind them. It is well written and the imaging is superb.

I would really like it if you could share one or two of your favorite books of a horological nature with the rest of us.

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This book sits on the desk of nearly every YouTuber. It does, as you say, have great photography. However, several of the stories & the "facts" about the watches are indeed false. It's poorly researched & the book overall has little text.
It seems like it would be a popular book... And I am very sorry to hear that some of the stories are inaccurate 😟. I am not surprised; I guess some watch collectors have a bit of a fisherman in them when it comes to yarns🙂.
Like Tom intuited, it is more of a coffetable book than a serious read. But I do like the format where the current owner speaks about (at least what they believe to be) the story of the watch they have come cherish.

Do you have any recommendations for other interesting reads?
I enjoy getting WatchTime magazine for up to date releases, Watch Charts for current values & the Complete Price Guide to Watches primarily for vintage values
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1 - 2 of 5 Posts