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I grew up and went to school when the personal computer was just starting to enter into everyday life. 128kb RAM, basic word processing, spreadsheets and FlightSimulator1 were the hight of consumer computing; it was still the age of paper, pencil and ink. So it comes to no surprise that I cherish the ever diminishing activity of flipping physical pages and taking in the information and emotions contained within at my own pace. ( I do find myself often doing the 2 finger swipe on the pages of books and magazines in order to zoom in...).

Anyway, I was just gifted a new book, and would like to share it with you all. It's a really cool book with each page dedicated to a different watch enthusiast and one of his/her special time gages with the stories behind them. It is well written and the imaging is superb.

I would really like it if you could share one or two of your favorite books of a horological nature with the rest of us.

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Well that is what I call a beautiful book GPF ! (y)(y):cool:

You can see it might be the ultimate coffee table book too because it
is just gorgeous on the outside. o_O But it's the inside that holds the
real magic I know, and whomever gave you this book must be a very
special, or at the very least cool and nice person. ..I mean what else
could a watch enthusiast ask for right?! ..You have the watches, and
now you have an amazing watch book to end all watch books ! 🥇🏆

I myself am embarrassed to admit that I don't myself have a book of
the watch or horological nature. 😊It's crazy I know, but thank YOU
for sharing your beauty sir !!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts