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Totally ripped the idea for this thread from another site, but thought it was a cool topic.

Other than "looks cool" or "liked the movement", etc., is there a watch or watches in your collection that you bought for special reasons? Maybe to commemorate a date or event, a job promotion or maybe you'd seen one in a movie or whatever.

Post a pic, and a brief description of the story behind the purchase.

I'll start to provide the example.

Oris Titan Chrono

As a certified scuba diver, I'll probably always be partial to dive watches. Had previously owned several decent watches, and wanted to take the next step up to a nicer piece. Found Oris, liked what I saw in their divers, their connection to motorsports and the fact they are somewhat rare. Saw one in person at an AD, drove home and almost straight back to the store to buy it.
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