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Backstory . . .

I was getting divorced and my watch collection had to be sold off. So, my prized possessions were now gone. So, I move out, get my place and begin "starting over". I'm pretty sure that I kept a watch (I don't even remember which one) or bought one. Eventually, I lost it (or it was taken).

Then I was diagnosed with cancer.

I didn't wear a watch for about 9-10 months while I was in treatment. This was the worst time in my life.

At some point treatment ended, and I found myself looking for a watch. I ended up in TJMAXX with my girlfriend, looking for shirts, and saw a gorgeous, all gold layered Pro Diver which I bought on the spot and wore it every day for almost the next 2 years straight.

I gave this watch to my nephew last year as it's now a bit small on my wrist. He has an interest in watches and now has several automatic timepieces. Looks like he's been taking good care of it (I just photographed it last night). :)

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