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OK I will play.

We were opening up a new location for our business in Orange Beach Alabama. I had been working very hard for over 3 weeks away from home getting the new restaurant/bar open. these are literally 20 hour days to complete exhaustion only to do it again the very next day with about 3-4 hours of sleep.

with 2 days left in my 3 week stay one of the vendors I had been working with everyday came in wearing a big black automatic diver. i loved it and just could not stop asking him questions about it and trying it on. As luck would have it we had similar sized wrists and his watch fit my arm. He let me wear it for a few hours while we were training the staff.

well that was the first time I had seen a Grand Diver and I just literally fell in love with it. I had no idea where to get one and he had received his as a gift.

On my last day in Alabama the guy came in and said he had researched the night before and found one for sale on Ebay. He said he had looked around and seen a bunch of them, and this one was at the best price and the auction ending soon. right there right then I bid and won the auction. I would have never know about the watch if I had not become friends with the guy during the grand opening build out of our new location and the luck of him receiving the watch as a gift a few months before.

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