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Hello Guys.. Please let us introduce ourself as a boutique of handmade watchstraps.. We are..

We provide the best taste of vintage, classic, exotic, elegant, and unlimited handmade creations, and bring them closer to you with regard to strengthen your public identity as a true watchstraps admirer.

We have a vision to gather, and work with all of best strapmakers over the world providing numerous variant of styles, concepts, and materials for all watch enthusiasts over the world.

In short, StrapFreak is the best portal to the aftermarket strap world where watch enthusiast look for best strap combo.


Why should you buy from StrapFreak?

Best Price Guarantee:
You won’t find any price lower than

Largest Straps Collections:
Hundreds Ready Stock, so You Don't Need to Wait Too Long to Dress Up Your Watch

FREE Shipping for International Order:
Please read our full shipping service and policy

FREE Credit Card / paypai Charges:
What you see is what you pay, no hidden or additional cost

Best Strap Consultant:
a) Fast Response; b) Objective in helping you to choose the best straps, c) Simple, Easy, & Friendly Culture


Whether you would like to place an order, want to make custom straps, or looking for idea which straps suit your watch best, please contact us at :

We are more than happy to assist you to get one which suits your desire
You name it, We'll make it.


Here is the famous ... Caitlin Series from Gunny Straps

The largest color selection to provide you the most distressed straps on your wrist.
With raw-cut edges, give you the best vintage look to match your watch

Please check back often because I will add new variants periodically. If you don't find any straps that you like above, or look for any other style and colour, simply contact us directly and we will help you recommend the best straps that suit your watch.

Your support means a lot for us :)

Thank you so much

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