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liquid wrote:
received this watch as a gift. pretty sure it was purchased at a sam's club in our area. anyone else have a problem with the massive crown rubbing against the top of your hand and irritating the skin? since wearing i have a red sore mark right where it hits when i move my hand. watch is big and i like it, but hard to wear.

First off - welcome to the forum liquid. We look forward to reading your posts. On your question above the Russian Diver 4157 is a massive watch to start off with. The caseis 52mm and then add in the large crown. It is a beautiful watch, but as mentioned can be very large.

What size is your wrist? There are other large Invicta models that you might like that are still big and heavy, but a few less mm wide (total) so you will not have the rubbing you are experiencing currently.

If you check the Invicta section on ShopNBC you can look at an incredible amount of different models at great pricing and deals. Below is a picture of the model you have.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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