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I'm not been into skeletonized watches so much. For me, it makes and looks chaotic when I look at it from the front. A backwindow I'm fine with, but I rather have a nice closed back with an artistic engraving, deep, detailed, shadows....just an piece of Art on the back. Maybe an optimal back with saffire glass could be sold. If I was to choose a watch with open back, it would cost. I would have gone all the way. The best mechanical movements for this watch. Nicest engravings, shiny stones colorful, gold where it should be, sterling silver if ok, but not a must. Simple, just to get out the best look of that movement beeing used, nothing more. Then it's Art, true Art for sure.
Thomas Aasen, Norway

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Am with you here Thomas. (y)Exhibition case-backs have always
been hypnotically awesome to me, but not so much skeletonized
dials. However these Rados seem to balance a skeletonized dial
feel with a traditional diver dial. 🙂

It seems like we are able to see through to the movement, but there
are also markers, and an actual dial above the movement. Rather
than hands just being lost in the mechanics of a movement. It's very
nice, as well as different.

P.S. I love your ideas about how this watch, or a watch in general
should be ! 😉Honestly think if you made the Captain Cook High
Tech Ceramic it would be amazing if it utilized all of you ideas.

Want to thank you for your thoughts, and just joining in on the
conversation here !!!

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Really sharp-looking watch, but for the price, they're asking I would pick up a Tudor GMT!

Chazman isn't paying $4K for a watch with a Powermatic 80 movement in it, that's not going to happen real soon, no matter how pretty this watch is !
I agree... They ought to rename it Captain Crook. Charging that kind of coin for a movement that turns at 3Hz.
It is a nice looking piece using fine materials but they fumbled the ball at the goal line...:cautious:(n)
An ETA 2892-A2 or a Sellita SW330-1 then maybe... But typical Swatch. They're moving backwards.:D
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