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I like the EHC Magnate GMT model. Does Ball still make it? I tried to get the answer by visiting Ball's website: The website can be viewed in several languages. When I select English, German, Chinese and Japanese languages, the EHC Magnate GMT cannot be found. So, I guess this model no longer exists for people who speak those languages. However, when I select Spanish, Russian and French languages, the model is displayed on the page along with other Engineer Hydrocarbon models. Does this mean that Ball continues making the EHC Magnate GMT for selected countries?

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Hi IgAn, and welcome to the forum ! (y)

It seems like a tough question to answer actually. Because as you said,
the watch doesn't look to be on their site here in the U.S. However, you
did see it on Ball's Spanish, Russian, and French sites, so it's definitely
confusing. 馃槯Looks like either they do indeed still make the watch for
those countries as you said. Or they are just left over stock that they
still have in those countries.

Unfortunately couldn't give you are a real answer about this. However,
it does seem like it is out there at least. 馃檪

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A Blog To Watch had an article about it back in 2010, so 11 years ago. A quick Google shopping search only shows 1 for sale on Jomashop.

So, it looks like it's out of production, but they are offering newer GMT watches on their site....
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