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just want to put some feelers out there... I really don't want to sell this watch, in fact, I love it. However I recently decided to move from Boston to California and could really use all the money I can get.

I purchased this watch only about 2 months ago from Tourneau for $2600. It's a compete package with box papers manual etc. Still has warrentee. It's only flaw is a small nick in the bezel. Its 40mm with a real alligator strap, automatic movement, and has one of the best clasp designs I've seen. It has not left a watch winder since I got it other than the 6-10 times I've worn it. Trust me... this watch turns heads. I'd like to get $1900 for it. I don't think I'd sell it for any less considering is so new, but feel free to make a REASONABLE offer. Here she is...

p.s. If you call Tourneau in Burlington MA and ask for Amy, I'm sure she can confirm this watch is the real deal and when it was purchased. My name is Matt.
p.p.s Yes, I know you can buy this online for around $1700 but you wont get the service and peace of mind of a high end reputable dealer.


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