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Pocket Watch Lug Bracket

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I don't know if anybody here is interested in such a device but I did find that CountyComm has released a Maratac lug bracket to mount a size 12 pocket watch on your wrist. I have seen some early designs that were similar in concept but I never found any for sale until now. It may be totally unusable but worth a shot.
I did order one and I will post my thoughts and pictures when it arrives.

Machined 300 Series Stainless Steel
US Made
Machined prongs are not bent ( Orbitally machined from a solid block of steel )
Watch is secured by sliding the prongs on a channeled track.
Fits one and 2 piece bands of 22mm width
Introductory Price For Small Batch Run

Website Link

CountyComm's pics:

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This is a cool change of pace, kind of fun. Seems like a well made piece.

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