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Please Post Image of Glycine's BLUE dbl 12

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With no luck i've searched images for the blue version of a Glycine double 12, gl0062. bevo shots, not factory.
If you have an image of the blue would you please post it. Every image i've seen looks black. Beside the black it looks not true black but never "Blue".
Or if you've handled both versions Please advise.
Thanks guys

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Holy cow, really is tough getting a feel for the blue version
AW, and also finding pictures of it like you said ! :eek2: Looks
like the guys already have you covered too to be honest. :clap2:

Seems like such a unique dial that is for sure, and sometimes
looks very blue, and other times black, or even like black with
an almost AR blue type reflection happening. ..Guess it's all
actually a gradient blue like Robotaz pointed out where it
transforms from a black, or dark blue into lighter, or deeper
blue. Almost looks half, and half. Really is neat !!!

Adding just a couple more into the mix to hopefully help you out...

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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