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Please help me identify this Longines watch

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Good day!
I got this watch online, I tried researching it over the internet but could not find anything. The watch is a Longines kind of bulls eye dial watch. I have attached a few pics.
I tried the longines archives, they replied back stating- The original serial number 4xxxxxxx identifies a wristwatch in silver. It is fitted with a Longines manually wound mechanical movement, caliber 10.26. It was invoiced on October 1928 to the company Zipper, which was at that time our agent for Poland.
I would really appreciate if you guys can help me find any sort of info on this.:) :):)

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Is this the one you bought?

It gives basic info on the watch in the write up. What sort of information are you looking for?
Thank you mate. Thats the one i bought. I asked the seller but unfortunately he doesn’t have much info on this as well. Cheers
Hi WF2910 ! 😀

Looks like Trip came really came to the rescue with this
beauty of yours’ here. 😉😎 Yowza, outstanding job as
usual Trip, and an outstanding watch as well 2910. (y)
I hope that we get to see you enjoying this one.

Enjoy !
Oh yea .. good to see this forum is so active:) and helpful to the people.. Thats awesome
Hopefully i will get the answers what i am after😀
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😉Couldn’t agree more there WF2910. (y) I hope you get all the
answers you are looking for, and have a lot of fun while doing it.
Cheers mate
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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