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Hi all, i'm new here, I just bought this cool looking vintage case on eBay and was looking to put it back together (but will more likely convert it to quartz)

Here are some of my questions to achieve my goals;

1- Brand and model? (it's 34mm minus the crown, bakelite bezel and the only identifiable clue is that funny looking "e" logo at the 12h position on the bezel). The closest I could get to was from the brand "Election", I don't believe it's an "Elgin".

2- I was told it had an ETA 2452/2472 originally" What would be an appropriate quartz replacement?

3- I believe it needs a screw down crown but I just don't know which one it needs (there's just a whole bunch on Esslinger and it's a bit confusing. Please advise.

4- Lastly, if I measure the inside, diameter past the "stem hole" I pretty much get 25.5mm, bang on. Should I be looking for a 25.5mm dial or a bit smaller?

Here i'll try adding the pics... you're all welcomed to school me :)
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