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Going to make a list of sites here where you can purchase MM watches.

Please note that we are not endorsing any of these sites and you should be VERY careful when dealing with companies overseas.

From our personal experience purchasing one of these watches you should ALWAYS
1) email the selling company to find out terms, shipping details, etc. Most will email you back within 24 hours and communicate in a professional manner.
2) I recommend you always ask for a deal or if they will give you a better price. It can't hurt to ask and many times they WILL discount, give free shipping, etc.

if you have any other good sites please post them in this thread and we will update the list regularly. Thanks
Comments: I dealt with this company. They communicate VERY well, transaction was easy with paypal and they ship very fast from Hong Kong (received in under 2 weeks). But they also sent me the wrong watch then the one I reconfirmed I wanted. To their credit they were open to pay to ship back the wrong one and send the correct one back. Overall a pretty good experience.
Comments: One of the better known resources for MM watches. I almost used them. You need to email them to get pricing on the one you want. Click on models and then inquire about whichever you are interested in. They replied within 24 hours and were very positive to deal with.

Getat Watch Co - (click on name. another popular one.)
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