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I'm giving away this really nice pilot watch that I received from enricosonic in a giveaway also, its a manual wind unbranded pilot watch, beautiful see through case back equipped with a distressed leather nato strap.

To enter:

1.) You must have at least 25 posts.

2.) Reply with something that made you smile or just reply, either way you will be entered.

The winner will be decided by a random number generator determined by the amount of entries.

Contest ends Monday 24th at midnight.

I will cover cost of postage.

Good luck and here is the pic

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Dennis, holy cow, cool sir !!! 馃槻馃槷馃樀馃槑:D 馃馃弳

I just wanted to drop in, and say how unbelievably nice a gesture this
was of you, and to thank you for coming up with the contest! :D(y)(y)
Please do not enter me into this though. ..Just wanted to stop in, and
say thanks, and also bump this up for everyone to see. :)

Thanks so so much once again !!!

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I guess times must be good? Nobody wanted a very nice watch for free....

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Very nice Dennis, I'm sorry I missed this.

Time just freed up for me, this could be considered a bad thing, but I smile (optimistically) and I wonder what's next.

Times are good, and so was this giveaway.
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