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STEVE KAESER also sells on eBay. I have found him to be on the expensive side.

Umbrellas do soften light but they also absorb a lot of it so you need powerful lighting to use them.

I've found a light tent to work better for even light with minimal shadows and crystal reflections. You can take a test shot and then reposition the watch to avoid the reflection in the crystal.

Most of my recent pics have been taken with the Nikon SB 800 with a diffuser on it triggered by the built-in flash on my D90 which also wears a diffuser. I use very little other lighting outside the tent with this setup. I do get some hot spots, particularly on shiny bezels but have had great luck with this set-up.

Always use a tripod and always use f8 or f11 to get the clearest shots because most lens' best resolution is at those apertures. Use smaller apertures (bigger #) if you are shooting a watch with subdials, hands and markers at different distances from the crystal for greater depth of field (which requires even brighter lights).

Extra pics are cheap; all you have to do is delete them. Missing a shot requires setting up all over again.
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