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Pawn Shop Finds: Invicta Speedway and Vintage Seiko Sports Quartz

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I don't know if anyone else here does it or not, but every so often I'll hit up the local pawn shops for good deals. Today was one of those days. :)

With it being an off-day from my work, I decided to go motorcycle riding and hit my usual haunts; I'm glad I did, because when I stopped at the shop, there was a big sign on the outside wall that read 'Going Out of Business,' which for me translated out to 'we want this crap GONE.'

Walking in, it was obvious that quite a bit of stuff was already sold off. Looking in the jewelry counter however, I found a few el-cheapo watches ($10 Walmart specials mostly, along with a Rolex that had a dubious feel about it) but stuck in the back of the cabinet behind the "Rolex" were these two pieces that I picked up for $20 total...

An Invicta Speedway model 9211 (The older model 9211 with the Miyota OS20 and functioning Tachymeter, unlike the current POS 9211) and a vintage Seiko Sports Quartz, circa 1979. :D Truth be told, I had no intentions of purchasing another watch for a while since I just recently completed my Amphibia build a few days ago. What sealed the deal for me though was when the pawnbroker flat-out told me that he'll sell me any watch out of the case for $10 a pop and even install fresh batteries in them both. I figured they're worth the money I paid. :D
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