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Sottomarino Mostros

These turned out to be a really inexpensive watch and quite a bit of fun to own. I think I got the majority of them for around $25 (or less) when the site was pushing them out the door. I got a few freebies from the company, too. I've had them for more than a few years and they look and function as good as the day I bought them. Because I worked in a hospital, I couldn't wear my Breitling and Rolex to work. I got nasty comments from the folks on public assistance. In the end, not matter what it costs, if you like it, it's all good.

This one I took the red strap of it and slapped on a green leather strap for when I wear green Polo™shirts. When I was living in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, the average person only recognized a Timex, Rolex, or a Cartier. When I told then it was $25 they didn't believe me. lol

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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