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This is a unique, unknown and recently discovered Patek Philippe pocketwatch from 1894. More or less, this is the pocketwatch equivalent of the recent and current Patek Philippe reference 5208. The Caliber 97443 is a Perpetual Calendar without leap year (the years make quarter of day more, like the earth), including chronograph, and with 24 hour repeater and five minute repeater, which means: If you are at 23h38, the watch will ring 23 hits for the hours, 2 hits for the quarters and one hit for the five minutes. Exceptional and in perfect condition, LNIB ;), case number: 212850. The watch went for 2 million Swiss Francs without taxes. Bought by the Geneva Patek museum.

Check the pics to see the exceptional piece of work, especially the anglage and movement overall finishing.

For the Patek addicted more pics of the cal 97443 on Watchonista.
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