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Got this last week, but been to busy with some family issues to start the thread. She got me this Akula, and also ordered the new charcoal grey prodiver on the poly strap for us to share. Unfortunately, the pro diver is too small for me and too big for her (45mm), so it's going back. The Akula is great, I'm thinking it's on a silicone strap and it is soft as butter. Wears nice and big and chunky. I grab this stock pic from the shop, and I know the face looks blue, but it's really black. Now that the weather is getting better and the sun is out a bit better, I plan on taking some better pics of this watch and all the others too.

Funny thing is, I never really liked the Akulas or Lupahs until she got one of each. Now I think they are two of my favorites to wear.

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