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Yes, it was the only way to get a black dial. To us it is 'vintage radium' to an innocent bystander (non-watch person) it's just a dial. Well, I'm not overly fond of vintage radium but now I've seen it in the flesh so to speak I can live with it. I used to collect flight jackets and some of the models had the choice to come pre-distressed. It's about the same but that I really, really dislike. It's fake. For the same reason I never ordered them with rank insignia. I never was a Captain or Lieutenant in the US Army Air Force, I was a humble conscript Sergeant in the Royal Dutch Army. As with anything you order online, there's a risk and with Kickstarter there are added risks. The campaign is successful but the creator fails to deliver and that means your money is gone. Or you don't like it but usually you're out of luck as well because most if not all creators don't do refunds once the item is delivered. Kickstarter is not your regular store.
What a great comparison to those flight jackets sir. 🙂 Can totally see what
you are saying. (y) I think it's the same with a lot of things, from antique,
and bronze finishes, to weathered dials. They don't just do it with watches
either right?! They will even make jeans, and shirts look like they have been
through the mill. With faded looks, holes, rips, tears, etc.😄Guess it's just
a way of making something look classic, or lived in. But you are right, it's
just a look, and can have that artificial vibe.

Thankfully though, the vintage radium accents, or lume seems to look
very nice, and you don't mind it. Honestly looks really nice from here !
Love your insight on Kickstarter too btw. Actually have never had any
experience with them. But am glad at least this experience was a good
one on your end. ..What a stunner ! Hope you really enjoy !!!
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