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That鈥檚 one sweet looking chronograph Astronut ! 馃槻(y)

Looks wise, and I tend to say it a lot with watches, 馃槉 it seriously
looks like a million $. 馃槑 I mean the look of the watch alone with
the dial, along with case, and finish is beautiful. And if you were
to see this watch out in the wild you would think it genuinely was
an expensive watch. Because it just really exudes class, as well
as has a nice classic feel. Yet is still more than modern enough

Add a couple cherries on top with the elegant strap, and cool
chronograph movement, and you have a winning formula. With
the price being the grand finale. A GIANT Pagani congratulations
here on this Astro !!!

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That is really something Astro. 馃槻

Honestly just a regular quartz movement would have been nice enough.
But the Meca-Quartz is a real surprise to learn about. Plus just having
that movement would seemingly make the watch be hundreds of dollars.
Yet this Pagani Design keeps things below $100. 馃馃榾

It鈥檚 pretty fantastic actually. ..Thanks a lot for the extra info on this !!!

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Even a cool Seiko like this which has a nice price looks like it鈥檚 unable
to match the bang for the buck of your Pagani sir. (y)馃槈 It鈥檚 a lot of fun
seeing the similar watches for higher prices right?! Because you end up
appreciating your watch as well as deal that much more. 馃榾

I know that I appreciate you shining some light on all of this Astro. Thx
so very very much !

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I agree about bang for the buck but the Seiko has much better lume and guards around the crown. Also includes a tachymeter bezel which is handy for checking your car speedometer against a marked mile as provided in some states. Also has a nice solid links steel band which I prefer. On the other hand the Pagani looks dressier in my opinion so it is all a matter of taste.
(y)All great points Astro, no doubt, but in my humble opinion,
those pluses for the Seiko still don't add up to that amount more
than your Pagani. 馃槑馃檪 And as you said, the Pagani does actually
look very sleek and sharp like you pointed out in the last sentence.
So that鈥檚 maybe the tie breaker right there in the end sir. 馃槈

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Not bad at all Astronut, but for that price it was totally worth the
little extra time it took to get to you. 馃槈馃榾 Honestly, I can鈥檛 believe
the run you have been on lately. 馃槑 Between all the Watches you
have been adding to your collection, AND the sheer bang for the
buck factor, it鈥檚 really been mesmerizing to watch, or hear about
rather. ..A KING SIZED congratulations on each and every ONE
of these finds !!!
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