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Oh boy, totally see what you mean now with that blue leather tmoore. ;)
It's not that it isn't actually beautiful, or classy enough for the watch.
However, the look of the leather maybe just doesn't match up with
the personality of the watch right?! (y) I mean, it's actually a really
nice strap, and you would think it will be a perfect match. ..But once
you see the watch on this mesh, you discover what a match made
in heaven, or even in the stars really is. ✨💫

Seriously, is a fantastic looking bracelet. ..Plus the way the mesh
actually plays off of the stars on that outstanding dial is majestic sir.
Yup, these two were made for each other !! A GIANT congrats here !!!

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I look forward to repurposing the blue band. Probably a watch with a white dial and blue hands. I have blue eyes and wear blue clothes more often than not. This particular watch, however, is very b/w and night oriented. I think the stainless, especially the mesh 'sparkle', is the ticket for this one.
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