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Wow peeps I think this is the most beautiful divers watch I have ever seen.
Introducing the Omega Seamaster 300 Malachite.
It is obviously costs an obscene amount of money, but we can look and drool for free peeps. With the gold Omegas and other gold pieces I have seen recently I am starting to like Gold watches, especially this one it is sublime.
I hope you enjoy the brief review.
Please see below for the links and pictures.

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Oh boy, that is pretty extraordinary Gary, and is equally as majestic both
front, and back when you think about it ! :smile-thumb2: Definitely is
such an unbelievable looking diver, and like you said, we will just ignore
the price, and drool over these pics ! :bounce:

Could seriously stare at this one all day long sir. Just is hypnotic !

Omega hit another homer, or grand slam actually here. It's been
something trying to keep up with them lately. ..Thanks very very
much for the look Gary !!!
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