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Old School: Timefactors Dreadnought Voyager GMT

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The first Dreadnought PRS 2 by Eddie Platts broke the internet circa 2003 and started this micro/boutique craze. A decade later came the Voyager PRS-21 GMT in the now famous Fricker case assembled in Germany by Roland Kemmner. Roland was the production engineer for Fricker.

Just picked up this very lightly used example. Cheers!
Watch Arm Gesture Finger Gadget

Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Silver

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Clock Wrist
Watch Hand Analog watch Azure Clock
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Whoa, looks brand new, or NOS from here MonkeyNutts ! o_O:cool:

Just looking at the pictures it doesn’t seem to have one single
flaw, or mark. ..One would almost think this was just released
yesterday, and we were back in time a decade, or so ago. (y)
Seriously, seeing all of the amazing details within this beauty
is a real blast. And I can imagine that you are getting a genuine
kick out of each, and every one. Wow, just wow !

So often in recent years, we have seen cookie cutter watches
released, but the Dreadnought stood out then, and still to this
day. It’s hypnotic from the dial, bezel, and case, to the bracelet.
Wishing you a DYNAMIC Dreadnought congrats MN !!!
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